86723397114 High picture First National Bank

Our building is located at 114 High Street and is across from the Waterford Post Office.  It is in the historic district.

The two-story building with a marble front at 114 High Street was once the Ensworth National Bank. It was in business from 1911 until 1940 when it was absorbed by The First National Bank.  Many of our clients banked in our building once upon a time and one of them was even an employee. Currency notes were issued by thousands of small banks until 1935 and some of the rare ones are very valuable.  We haven’t yet seen any from “our” bank, but maybe we will get lucky some day.  We DO still have a bank vault though!

If you are into statistics, here are a few for you to chew on:

From the PHMC (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission) Cultural Resources Database:
Ensworth Bank
Built: c. 1895
Architectural Style: Commercial Style
Address: 110-112 High St.
Municipality: Waterford Borough, Erie County
National Register Status: Undetermined
Resource Category: Building
Approximate Number of Resources: 1
Building Type/Particular Use: Bank
Historical Function: Commerce/Trade–Financial Institution
Roof Material: Metal
Exterior Wall Materials: Brick
Other Materials: Brick
Bays: 2
Stories: 2
Key Number: 090187
Inventory Identification Number: 90091
Survey Code: 049-WB-0578