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Attorney Jeffery Herman's Timeline & Inspiration

Jeffrey Herman with Herman & Herman Attorneys at Law is one of the lawyers that can assist you with your legal services. He personally wrote his professional time line and has a gallery of images of his law inspiration below.
1990 — Graduated from Fort LeBoeuf High School, Waterford, Pennsylvania — GO BISONS!
1991 — Entered Edinboro University of Pennsylvania as a freshman, 18 years old - had no particular direction.
1992 — For English 102 the assignment was to interview somebody whose job you found interesting. A local Edinboro attorney's name was on the list, I interviewed Dennis Kuftic and it changed my life.
1994 — Interning with Attorney Dennis Kuftic, is when it dawned on me that you could actually make a living doing something other than labor.
1994 — Graduated Edinboro University — BA Political Theory & American History.
1995 — Started Law School — University of Akron, full-time day, tract.
1996 — Law Clerk, general help — Michelle Hawk Kelley Law Offices — at this awesome summer job I was fortunate to get to know District Attorney Jack Daneri.
1996 – 1998 — Law Clerk, Whited & Prichard, Akron Ohio.
1997 — Attorney Dennis Kuftic changed my life by contacting me out of the blue to tell me that they were going to close their Waterford office, but then they remembered that I was from the area and since I was going to be finished with law school in a few months that perhaps they would leave it open.
1998 — Spring — I Graduated Law School.
1998 — Summer — Sat for Bar Examination Pennsylvania.
1998 — October 16, 1998, I became licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania.
1998 – 2002 — Associate to Devine & Kuftic Law Offices, Edinboro, Pennsylvania (I manned their Waterford office)
1999 – 2002 — Associate to Don Lewis, Esq. — Meadville, Pennsylvania. By the time I was privileged to work with Don, he was close to retiring, but he was so seasoned as a trial lawyer that he was legendary.  He is the premier Crawford County Criminal Defense lawyer of his day. To watch him relate to a jury is as close as I have come to working with greatness.
2003 – 2008 — Sebald & Herman, LLC. Attorneys at Law — Private Practice of Law, Waterford, Pennsylvania — I got to learn and grow together with a friend. Great years. Steve Sebald remains a colleague and good friend of mine to this day.
2008 – Present — HERMAN & HERMAN, LLC Attorneys at Law — what I do now — stated simply, I service my clientele. By that I mean I have a pool of clients right now with open and active cases which I work on. Then this clientele, which I am eternally grateful for, have an ongoing demand for legal services. They buy another property, their daughter gets arrested, mom dies, their son crashes the car, etc.

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