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Open any Erie County phone book and you’ll see listings for hundreds of attorneys offering similar services.  Just about any lawyer can make legal arguments, write briefs, and open files.  Choosing who to call can be a daunting task.  Let Herman & Herman make things a little easier for you.

What makes us different? 

We’re big on dignity and respect.   We don’t judge.  We aren’t into fancy suits (unless its a court day, of course).

We think people are people.

We pride ourselves on how we treat our clients. We focus on client comfort and understanding.  Beyond legal arguments and all the paperwork, we really strive for our clients to understand why we suggest an action or inaction.  We ask a lot of questions because we know that one solution doesn’t fit all and we want to make sure that you get the advice that suits the ins and outs of your particular situation.  Likewise, we hope YOU will ask us questions if you don’t understand the hows or the whys.

Legal matters are rarely “won” or “lost.”  Truth be told, they can be varying degrees of unpleasant.  Be assured that once retained, we loyaly and honestly walk you through every stage for better or for worse.

Our clients aren’t just numbers — they are members of the community in which we live and work.  We see you at the grocery store, at the gas station and at school events.    We aren’t interested in working for giant corporate conglomerates.  Our clients are real people looking for real solutions.   And that suits us just fine.


With over 35 years of combined experience we invite you to contact our firm.